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Integrating Zemita into your Program opens up a whole new world of exciting and endless possibilities to your curricula, games, and exercises. Click each option below to learn how Zemita gives you that Extra Edge. 

Tae Kwan Do Boy Training

School Exercises

Martial Arts Schools need to have a solid fitness program built into their classes to keep students healthy and ready to perform at their best. The problem is so many times schools use the same training methods until the students get bored. With Zemita's 7 different apps, each with their own games and challenges, the many different types of Zemita equipment and your schools current exercise drills your students will never be bored with that much potential variety and fun.

Tae Kwan Do Practice

Health Clubs

Even if you are not a Martial Arts school or you have a separate fitness only program, you will find that the hardest part of getting clients and keeping them is their motivation. Too many times working out is a chore and nobody likes chores. With all the different Zemita Fitness Games, many of which require no martial arts training at all, your clients will have a blast and burn calories fast.


Most Martial Arts Tournaments all have the same types of events. Some combination of forms, board breaks and sparring. If you run a tournament and want to stand out then you will need to offer something that others can't. With Zemita you will have so many fun extra competitions for both individuals and teams that there will be something for everyone to enjoy. Examples include electronic scoring for Sparring (Points and Endurance), first one to reach a certain number of kicks or punches, Most kicks or punches in a given time, and many more scoring games that can be used.


Everyone wants their school to give off a great first impression. With Zemita, you will achieve that, and so much more. New Trials will be impressed by the professional look of your equipment and all the features it can do. All ages will have fun trying to get a high score and compete against others in the class. They will be looking forward to beating their own score next class. You can also bet that if they do trials at other nearby schools, none of them will match the experience of Zemita.

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