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Fitness Digital


ZEMITA WORLD brings Fitness into the Digital Age,

and there is Nothing Like It in the World!

Supercharge your classroom and see your students train and exercise like never before.

Add excitement and a unique twist to school events and competitions.

Track your students’ growth and add more exceptional value to your school.


Digital Fitness Martial Arts Training Equipment

  • Aiming & Motivation

  • Enhancing Concentration

  • Strengthening Stamina with fun

  • Cognitive Enhancement

  • Digital Training

Zemita uses technology to transform how we as Martial Arts instructors/school owners and Health Club owners approach and offer our services. It comes loaded with games and exercises that captivate and liven the senses and allow users to immediately see their reaction time, power, and/or speed. Anyone - students and nonstudents alike - can take part, either singly or in groups. Zemita can help the user develop speed and power, burn calories, and enjoy a work-out either alone or with others.

Mobile Phone

Zemita combines the tried-and-true martial arts equipment like targets and standing bags with something everybody already has - a smart phone. Once you download the Zemita smartphone applications from the play store, you will be able to connect them over Bluetooth to any of your Zemita martial arts equipment with the help of a Zemita Transmitter that fits onto all Zemita devices.

Outdoor Fitness

Here are just some of the ways Zemita works:​

Track the number of punches or kicks landed in a certain time frame

Learn how long it takes to land a specific number of punches or kicks

Work on your reaction speed by seeing how long it takes to hit the target

Find out your strength represented by how many digital boards you can break

Record points scored in a sparring match, even show how much damage is done

No other equipment serves the purpose or achieves the results of Zemita!

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